I went to this place for the first time 2 years ago and as soon as I left through the gigantic golden gates I promised myself I was going to be back. My first visit to the Palace of Versailles was purely touristy, everything had to be super quick.

That time I did the whole tour around the Palace, there were thousands and thousands of people! It’s so crowded you simply cant find your way out, you’re tramped until the end! That being said I still say it’s something you should do once in your life. I love the fact that I had that experience and now I can keep those memories. The history is fascinating and being able to identify the objects and art pieces… it was all worth it.

This time my interest was set on the Gardens of the Palace of Versailles as my first visit only allowed me to see part of them for a couple of minutes.

I wanted to spend the whole day walking around the gardens (they’re enormous!) so we planned this visit in advance. The dress? Obviously it wasn’t a coincidence! Thos who know me know that I love matching my surroundings (weird, uh?) and one of the strongest memories I’ve had of this place was how blinding it was, everything seemed to be covered in gold.

I knew how photogenic the Palace of Versailles was so I made a special design specifically for it (I showed you the process through Instastories!). Although I wanted to do something a little bit more extra, I just didn’t have the time, but I still was very happy with the results.

As usual, Ollie wanted me to be happy so he help me plan this visit. I went on a Monday, the only day of the week the Palace is closed. But that was the plan! Because the gardens would still be open for the public (and it’s free!).

Apparently tourists hate that, and didn’t show up that day. It seemed like the palace was open just for us. You simply couldn’t see people! (and that was great). But you know what was the most incredible thing? We saw the cast of the series Versailles! But at the time we didn’t know who they were (we started watching the serie later on and that was when all the cables connected! How sad is that!?) They were just walking around with their magnificent costumes, those that I now love watching on tv… there were also lots of camera equipment all over the gardens… now that I write about this, I can’t believe that happened!

You can’t even imagine, how hot it was that day! Paris was on fire around that time! But thanks to that (I believe) we got to see the most incredible sunsets ever!

If you go to Paris, you need to go to Versailles as well. You need to take a train…You can find more details about this outstanding place on this post I made a couple of years ago – MY FIRST VISIT TO THE PALACE OF VERSAILLES

To plan your visit, do it through the Palace’s website .

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