For many of us dressing up is an art.
It’s the complex action of putting on an attitude .

We can find inspiration in the most random things, make a plan, put an outfit together telling a story through our style whilst we walk around.

I recently wrote a post about the military influence in fashion in which I was simply drawn to the wonderful history this subject carries.

This time my inspiration wasn’t that random, as well all know, rock stars have been turning military uniforms into statement pieces such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Michel Jackson, Mick Jagger… you know, the list goes on. Taking my new found inspiration I decided to take to the opportunity to take a few snaps around the city.

The riding jacket acted as the protagonist of that day. There’s something special about items that are made by hand, their purpose is to make you feel one of a kind, something the makers and designers behind the brand ALADO know very well. As a small local boutique store in Medellin, they not only produce some of the most amazing designs that are one of a kind. They also have a fantastic ability to tell stories through their designs, where they mix cultures and techniques to bring their unique pieces to life.

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Riding Coat - Colombian BloggerRiding Coat - Colombian BloggerRiding Coat - Colombian Blogger Riding Coat - Colombian Blogger

Jacket: ALADO
Sunglasses: Chilli Beans
Shirt: Basement
Shorts: Tennis
Shoes: Tennis

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