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The Palace of Versailles is a fascinating place that attracts an enormous amount of tourists every day. It’s a place that emanates history, a symbol of royal absolutism and incarnation of classic French art. The palace was transformed into the museum of French history.

I personally declare Versailles a must in the list of things to do whilst in the French capital, in fact…. I have made a promise myself to go and visit that magic place every time I’m in Paris. I swear its magic is overwhelming, now wonder it has been declared as a world heritage site.

Once you get to the palace you find yourself in shock. Although you may have seen it in books, magazines, movies, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking views and scenery that Versailles has to offer.

The tour is very interesting; the amount of work that has been done to preserve this palace is nothing short of incredible. Each room tells its own story through its décor and objects that allow you to get a taste of the history of this great place.

The incredible gardens were once a composition of forests and swamps but after a project that took over 40 years to complete, we are left with some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

If you go to Paris you must create some space in your itinerary to visit Versailles, there’s so much to discover so keep in mind the time. You will need several hours to get to know it all, especially its enormous garden! That for me was the best bit. I also recommend going early in the morning at around 8 a.m because the queues to get even get the entry tickets are unreal.

To plan your visit, do it through the Palace’s website .

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