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Over the past few years, my visits to the mall have become more and more frequent and in that time, I have learned to become a well-oiled machine with regards to my shopping techniques. Although a shopping experience can also be some kind of social ritual with friends, I find the most efficient way to sweep the stores and find the perfect items is an activity best done on my own.

Here are 5 reasons to go shopping alone, justifying my preferences of flying solo when attacking the malls.

1.     No more waiting

Let’s face it, we all have that one friend that simply can’t make up their mind when shopping. They dive in and out of that changing room with a seemingly never ending array of looks, only to decide an hour later that they do not look good in anything! Arghhhh!

Determined not to be THAT person when shopping with friends, I find myself rushing myself into decisions. For that reason I prefer to be alone and really take my time on how to spend my hard earned cash and ensure that I come home with only the perfect items.

shopping alone


2.     Avoiding meaningless suggestions

Ok, I am a firm believer in the “no one knows yourself better than yourself” theory. I have been learning what the fashion do’s and don’ts are for me. Do I really need someone trying to bring new ideas to the table? In my experience, most of my family and friend’s suggestions are more funny and entertaining than something to be taken seriously.  There is no fun in feeling forced give in to these suggestions and waste valuable shopping time trying them on.

shopping alone


3.     Not seeking approval

The only true voice I listen to is my own. Do I really need to be constantly parading myself like some kind of pageant girl to my friends to hear their opinions on my often quirky style? My choices are my choices and it is only me that I am trying to please. There is no sense in going home empty handed based on what your friends opinions are, there is nothing worse than the regret of not going with your own mind and losing out on what could have been the perfect look.

shopping alone


4.     No distractions

If you are anything like me, when visiting the mall you have a military style plan of exactly which shops to hit. Getting dragged into the stores that are so obviously not to your taste or style is nothing short of frustrating. Shopping is a way of forgetting about everything in the universe, the only thing on my mind is to shop shop shop…. No, I do not want to stop off in Starbucks for and extra skinny late because the barista is “sooooo cute”. We can even meet when I’m done but my sights are set on seeking out the perfect products in record time.

shopping alone


5.     Enjoy the experience

No matter how many times that I visit the malls, I find myself loving every minute of the shopping experience. Going with me, myself and I allows me to do what I want to do, when and how I want to do it.

shopping alone


Now, this list only applies for those who have good shopping skills and know what their doing when it comes to styling. Some people need a wise companion, a personal shopper or just a friendly hand to guide them through the process of acquiring new pieces that could help improve their style (and their confidence) and in that case, it’s nice to help people out!

shopping alone


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Great reasons! I LOVE shopping alone! It’s “me time.”

Great post! Totally agree!!

Thank you Pepper! I’m happy you liked it!

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