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This is a pijama to my 3 year old niece’s eyes. She was very confused with this outfit and couldn’t understand why her auntie Caro would go out on her pijamas on the evening… she still thought it was cool though!

Sighs* Jumpsuits… thanks Yves (Saint Laurent) for bringing this item to our closet. Let me throw some historic facts here.
So yeah, Yves was one of the first fashion designers to turn this parachuter/skydiver outfit into a very stylish item on women’s wardrobe.

When you go to a store, you won’t always find jumpsuits. There’s always shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts… always. But not jumpsuits. They’re like this “rare” piece of clothing companies are not entirely sure people will buy, so they just make them now and then…someone might buy them. But I’m really happy they’re having a little come back! Runways have given them a little spot and that means we can actually buy them. You guys know I love to make my own clothes but I’m going to be really honest with you: I hate making jumpsuits! I find it very challenging, especially when it comes to making the patterns. I can do it but it takes me a long time and unfortunately I have to focus on other things. jumpsuit fashion blogger
You know what? I’m so in love with with jumpsuits lately that I will make my designs and get someone else to actually make them.

I know many people are afraid of wearing  jumpsuits because they’re just no used to them, all I can say is: Do it! Wear them!
They’re so much fun! (especially when you need to pee 🙈😅) but now in all seriousness, they could be out of your comfort zone, but they’re bold, nothing crazy, but a bit outstanding. When it comes to fashion it’s always good to try something different!

jumpsuit fashion blogger


Jumpsuit: PULL & BEAR
Lipstick: GLIPS (Cumbia)

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