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If there’s one city that has stolen my heart and lens time and time again, it’s the vibrant and picturesque Barcelona. With each visit, I’ve explored its charming streets, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems, all while seeking out the most captivating photo locations this Catalan gem has to offer.
As someone who has had the privilege of immersing themselves in the city’s rich culture and diverse landscapes on multiple occasions and for months, I am thrilled to be your guide to the top photo locations in Barcelona.

So, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just a tourist, trust me when I say that Barcelona’s beauty knows no bounds, and I’m here to share my knowledge with you. Join me on this visual journey through the city’s most Instagram-worthy spots, and get ready to capture memories that will last a lifetime!

I want to clarify I despise the term “Instagram spots”, especially when referring to iconic landmarks with huge historical value but… the internet is a keywords game! So please ignore that and let’s begin our photographic tour around Barcelona and find the top photo locations!


La Sagrada Familia is, without a doubt, Barcelona’s top landmark. It has an incredible history, and it will certainly take your breath away when you see it in person. This also makes it incredibly photogenic.
The best spot to capture the Basilica would be Plaça de Gaudí (middle picture) as it has a stunning lake, beautiful greenery, and you can pretty much get the whole Sagrada Familia in the frame. But don’t just go for the obvious shot. This place is amazing, and if you get creative, you’ll find the best angles and capture unique photos.

The Sagrada Familia is absolutely incredible inside as well. In my opinion, it’s even better! My head can’t wrap around how they managed to create it all! Although this is a touristy place, it is also a place of worship, so don’t forget to be respectful. You’re allowed to take photos as long as it’s not during mass.

Photo of girl at the Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Photo of girl at the Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Photo of girl at the Sagrada Familia Barcelona


Parc de la Ciutadella stands as Barcelona’s central green haven, created in the mid-19th century on the former grounds of the massive fortress, La Ciutadella.
This park is perfect to wander around, having picnics, go on a boat ride or visit Catalonia’s parliament. One of its notable features is the Cascada, also known as the Horse Fountain, a visually striking creation by Joseph Fontsére with the assistance of a young Gaudi.

This photogenic fountain is a captivating blend of statuary, rocks, greenery, and cascading water, all meticulously designed. The golden statue of the Roman dawn goddess Aurora crowning the fountain draws parallels to Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain.
There is a pond in front of the fountain that provides a perfect mirror effect, especially on calm, windless days or in the early morning (which makes for a great photo).
As always I recommend taking the time of day you visit into consideration. The area tends to be calm at midday and week days, and it gets pretty busy for sunset.

Photo of girl sitting at Parc de la ciutadella Barcelona
Photo of girl at Parc de la ciutadella Barcelona


As you approach Casa La Pedrera, you’re greeted by its curvy stone facade, a unique testament to Gaudí’s avant-garde approach. The rooftop terrace, adorned with surreal chimneys and sculptural elements, offers a panoramic view of Barcelona and the perfect location for photos. It costs around €30 to go in but you can also get great pictures with the facade for free. 

Casa Batlló, also referred to as the House of Bones, is a feast for the eyes with its vibrant colors and surreal design. The dragon-like roof, adorned with mosaic tiles, adds a fantastical touch to your photos. It’ll cost you around €35 per person to get access to the interior of the building.
You can also get good photos with the facade. You just need to find the right angles as there’s often huge queues outside trying to get tickers.

Photos casa batlo barcelona

Park guell Travel photos of Girl in Barcelona

Park Güell is yet another Gaudí masterpiece that graces Barcelona’s hills and shouldn’t be missed if you’re visiting the city. The park opens from 9:30 am to 6 pm, and entry costs €10. However, when we went, if you arrived before 9 am, you could enter for free. We had purchased tickets online so that didn’t matter 💀. Please take this information with a grain of salt, as it might have changed.

Being such an iconic landmark means it is extremely popular among tourists, so expect large crowds, including massive tour groups and everyone wanting to take photos of everything. So, if you truly want nice photos, go early, be very patient, and don’t expect it to be a chill, calm experience.

Park guell Travel photos Barcelona 4
Park guell Travel photos Barcelona
Park guell Travel photos Barcelona


Bunkers El Carmel is an incredible spot to catch the sunset. The atmosphere is amazing, and the panoramic views of the city make for really cool photos. You’re not allowed to stand where I’m standing as it’s quite dangerous 🙃, but there are still many other spots to take good photos from. Can you spot the Sagrada Familia, the W Hotel building, Mont Juic and the sea? Such an iconic view!

Photo of girl at Bunkers El Carmel Barcelona PHOTO LOCATIONS BARCELONA


The Palau de la Musica (Palace of Music) is a stunning Art Nouveau concert venue built in 1908. If you don’t plan on attending an event, such as a ballet or concert, you can still go on a tour of the building. Keep in mind that it opens from 9 am to 3:30 pm (3 pm for guided tours) and has an entrance fee of 16€ (20€ for guided tours).

The concert hall and terrace are the most photogenic areas and tend to be the most crowded. I recommend starting on the highest floor for the concert hall and then descending one floor for the terrace.


Taking photos at Laberinto d’Horta in Barcelona is a delightful journey through a historic garden that offers both natural beauty and architectural charm. The stunning labyrinthine maze makes it a unique and captivating photographic location.

Within the garden, there’s also a gorgeous pond that provides excellent opportunities for reflections. Capture the surrounding greenery, statues, and other inspiring spots. This hidden gem ensures a very pleasant visit without crowds, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Depending on the time of year, nature transforms the garden’s aesthetic. Spring, with its vibrant flowers, and autumn, with its warm tones, can create incredible backgrounds for your photos.

girl at Parc del Laberint d'horta Barcelona
girl at Parc del Laberint d'horta Barcelona
Girl at Parc del Laberint d'horta Barcelona


Casa Vicens is yet another iconic building designed by the legendary Gaudí. You’ll find photo opportunities both in the interior of the building and from the street. As usual, the terrace is the best spot for photos but you can easily get creative in the many artsy spaces of the house.
This place also has an entry fee of around €30.

Photo of girl at the rooftop of casa vicens by Gaudi in Barcelona 1
travel girl at casa-vicens-gaudi-barcelona
travel girl at casa-vicens-gaudi-barcelona

Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf is situated in a vibrant area so unless you go early in the morning, there will be crowds.
Its stunning details and architecture make it a landmark you wouldn’t want to miss photographing! However, I must warn you; this is not a place to use tripods, especially if you’re exploring the city solo. Thieves may snatch them and steal your camera or photo equipment. So, be aware!


El món neix en cada besada” translates from Catalan to English as “The world is born with every kiss.” This mural is made of mosaics that form an image of two people kissing. It is located in the El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. It’s often crowded as there are tours that stop by to appreciate the art, so be patient if you want photos there. Definitely, get a close-up look to appreciate the mural properly. It’s mesmerizing!

el mon neix en cada besada Barcelona travel photos PHOTO LOCATIONS BARCELONA
Gothic quarter photos Barcelona PHOTO LOCATIONS BARCELONA
Photos at the Gothic Quarter
travel photos W hotel Barcelona beach
Photos at the W Hotel Beach, Barcelona
aesthetic photos in the streets of barcelona
Barcelona Streets, Gracia

PHOTOS IN SITGES (1 hours away from Barcelona by train)

Sitges is a lovely beach town located just one hour away by train from Barcelona. It has a charming old town and a beautiful coastline, making it a great place to visit and capture some beautiful photos as well!

Portrait photo of girl at the beach of Sitges near Barcelona
Portrait photo of girl at the beach of Sitges near Barcelona
Portrait photo of girl at the beach of Sitges near Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city with a vibrant and artistic atmosphere. I’m sure you’ll come across many more spots that will inspire you to capture your travels as you walk through the city! I hope this guide helps you find places that will make your trip special!

For more inspiration I invite you to follow my adventures all around the world on Instagram @caroseditorial

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