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Every time I visit London I like to stay near Hyde Park. And I love to have a bacon sandwich with juice fro breakfast in the park.Yes, that’s how I love to start my days in London… Speaking of bacon, I’m not sure if you know this, but there’s nothing like British bacon!
Ok, I must give more credit to the essence of Hyde Park. Pictures say a lot but I need to mention all the animales the park has, you’ll find squirrels everywhere (grey ones), swans (protected by the Queen), lost of dogs playing, all sorts of birds…. for me those moments feel like I’m in a movie! Oh, and there’s also a lot of people working out, like thousands!

One of the reasons we like to stay near Hyde Park is because it has an amazing location. It’s walking distance to so many nice places, you can even walk to Oxford Street, so for touristic plans, it’s perfect, plus there’s plenty of Tube stations around.

From my last visit to the English capital, I got in my head that the city has a pop of red. To be honest my closet doesn’t have many red items, but when I was planning on what to design for this trip I had very clear that I wanted to match the telephone boxes, the Union Jack flag that you see everywhere, the uniforms of the royal guards, the buses, the mail boxes… I also wanted to be “pop” And that’s how I came up with this outfit, I designed this miniskirt also inspired by the 60’s fashion in England…Twiggy and all of that and I wanted to pair it with a victorian blouse because… well I love the contrasts!

All photos by Ollie Lythe

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