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We were extremely lucky and managed to get tickets to Trooping The Colour 2017 last minute, to get them you have to apply months in advance and cross your fingers to win the ballot, then you can purchase them. We didn’t do any of those things but somehow we ended up with two tickets in our hands.

All photos © 2017 by Ollie Lythe

If you know me… you know I would have gone more over the top if I had have the time to make something for this once in a life time kind of event. I didn’t have the time but I still managed to pull off an outfit I was happy to wear.

But let’s start from the beginning. In case you don’t know what Trooping The Colour is, it’s the official celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Every one of her troops put on an incredible performance.
For me it was overloaded with inspiration, I find all their uniforms extremely fascinating, also the horses, weapons… everything!


The dress code for Trooping The Colour reads: Morning Dress, Lounge Dress, Lounge Suit or Jacket and Trousers, equivalent for the ladies (no denim). Military personnel may wear Ceremonial Day or other Service equivalent.

It basically means “formal”.

Seeing the Queen and actually meeting the Queen are different things, but you still have to dress  appropriately for both occasions.

Not matter what your style is, it can always be blended with a touch of class (even if you have a punk aesthetic) so it’s not about dressing like everybody else or pretending to be someone who you are not. If you have the opportunity to have a royal experience you can easily adapt your style to royal standards.


I pretty much ended up choosing my outfit last minute. I only found out we were going to the event a couple of days before and didn’t have time to shop so I had to get creative. I dug into the limited options my luggage could carry and choose a white top I made (loved and was very proud of) for a different occasion, a pair of white wide trousers, white ankle boots, a Kate Spade handbag, the only hat I had in my case (I wish I had a white one to achieve some monochrome goals but I couldn’t find it anywhere).
I still felt pretty happy with what I wore. The colour choice was perfect for the weather and at the end of the day, MY STYLE GOAL ALWAYS IS: NOT TO BE BASIC.

Expect more posts about my latest travels, including more from London! By the way, have you seen my first stop? – GOLDEN HOUR IN LONDON

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