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You’ve landed here because you’re wondering what to do in Cappadocia, Turkey. And I’ve wrote this article so you can have a reliable detailed guide on how to have the most amazing experience when traveling to this stunning destination.

The obvious answer is: Go on a hot air balloon.

Just kidding! In my opinion Cappadocia is sold short on social media. This stunning travel destination is so much more than the dreamy hot air balloon ride, which of course is a must! Find my detail guide on how to have the most epic hot air balloon experience in Cappadocia.

But aside from flying over the out-of-this-world landscapes of Cappadocia in a movie-like style, there’s some other activities that make of this travel destination, one of my favorites ever (reason why I’ll definitely go back). Add the following list to your bucket list and you’ll have an unforgettable adventure. Let’s begin!

photoshoot of girl horse back riding in cappadocia with hot air ballons

I did this twice, once at sunrise and another one at sunset because it is the most amazing experience if you like me, love horses and nature. In case you didn’t know, the name “Cappadoccia” means “the land of beautiful horses” so exploring the wonderful land on a horse is only fitting!
For this I recommend the wonderful Dalton Brothers Horse Ranch, they are amazing people and will give you the most EPIC experiences. My favorite thing about them is how much they care for their animals which is extremely important to me.
I’ve had people asking me about the experience with the running horses (video), it was done with them. You can contact them thought Instagram. If you book them, tell them “caroseditorial” says hi!

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girl on a atv in cappadocia love valley

Exploring the otherworldly terrains and natural rock formations of this region on an ATV is absolutely incredible. They will take you to the coolest locations such as “Love Valley”, Fairy Chimneys, Goreme Tarihi Milli Park and many more. I recommend doing a private tour and not doing it at sunset (the most popular time) so you can enjoy it more without being surrounded by massive groups which ends up slowing you down and not being as fun (in my opinion). The tours are affordable anyways, and a midday adventure might not have (potentially) sunset skies but it is still great!
What to wear: You’re basically riding through deserted terrains, and you will get extremely dusty. So ideally wear long trousers/leggings, comfortable top, sun glasses and comfortable sneakers 👟 , avoid sandals for safety reasons! And do not forget to apply sunscreen.

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Out of the many places you’ll visit in your life time, Cappadocia will stand out. As I mentioned before, it is a place that looks out of this planet so there’s no wonder why so many people want to get epic photoshoots in this beautiful location. You can book a photoshoot session with the many destination photographers in town (you can search for #cappadociaphotographer on Instagram to find the ideal photographer for you) or your hotel can help you as well. There’s even dress rentals everywhere since everyone wants to capture the beauty of the place.


These natural formations used to be settlements many centuries ago. They still stand but as tourist attractions and view points for visitors. They’re only a 10 min ride out of Goreme (Cappadocias center town) and worth a visit!


There’s so many valleys, therefore hiking is a great idea if you want to explore Cappadocia at your own pace! You can do it on your own but it’s best to find a guide for a proper tour.

Photo from rooftop at Henna Hotel, Cappadocia


As you might know, Cappadocia is known for its unique cave hotels, many of which have dreamy rooftops in which you can enjoy the beauty of the town. You can even wakeup early to observe the over 100 hot air balloons elevating to reach the skies (and take photos). Make sure you contact them before hand to arrange your visit if you’re not staying there. Some can be very accommodating, others are only for guests.
In most of them you can enjoy beautiful sunset views, food and drinks.
Here’s a list of the top rooftops in Cappadocia:

• Henna Hotel 
• Carus Cappadocia Hotel  
• Sultan Cave Suites  
• Mithra Terrace at Mithra Cave Hotel
• Lil’a at Museum Hotel
• Rox Cappadocia  
• Doors Of Cappadocia
• Charming Cave Hotel


Once you’ve done one of the more adrenaline full activities a hammam spa session and/or turkish bath would be the perfect choice for a relaxing time. You can find some options here.

If you end up needed more assistance with your trip, the whole town is full of travel agencies that will be able to help so once you’re there, you can do more research.

WHERE TO EAT IN Cappadocia

Traveling to Cappadocia is not just a visual delight but a culinary adventure as well. This beautiful region in Turkey offers an array of delicious dishes that capture the essence of Turkish cuisine. The following are some restaurants I loved and recommend:

• Büyük Adana Kebab
• Pumpkin Göreme Restaurant
• Mozaik Restaurant
•Cappadocian Cuisine
•Inci Cave Restaurant
•King’s Coffee Shop

As you can tell by now, Cappadocia is a destination that has a lot to offer, it’s a unique place to create unforgettable memories. I hope this guide helps you plan the trip of your dreams!



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